2015 Annual Meeting: Election & Program- Audio Radio

2016 Officers & Board Members

President: John Selk
Vice President: Madeline Marshall
Vice President: Mary Little
Treasurer: Deb Heim
Secretary: Cindy Robertson
Nancy Zorena: Curator
Ed Coffey: Historian
Karen Cardi: Collections Advisor
Marven Moss
Kathy Balletta
Vic Casaretti
Barb Haeger
Julia Fox

Radio audio BabinaJohn Selk and John Babina

Program: Audio Radio by John Babina

WMNR MH Society’s life member and radio’s own John Babina from WMNR shared his history and wealth of knowledge about broadcasting. We  Listened to the chill of the last communication from the Titanic to the joy of some variety show comedies and nostalgic commercials.

–   ….   .-   -.   -.-     -.–   —   ..-   (thank you) John