2015 History Lectures: Old School Houses


In this lecture of our history series you learned there were seven original one room school houses in Monroe.

  • Elm Street School House
  • Walkers Farm School House
  • Stepney School House
  • Birdsey’s Plain School House

Today these four are private homes.

Monroe Center School House is now owned by the Congregational Church. It is used as their nursery school and for Sunday school.

Cutlers Farm School House was lost in a fire.

Barn Hill School House, East Village, is owned by the Society. At the school we present:

“Hands on History”, one of our learning opportunities. The program “School Days” is a part of Monroe’s school curriculum.

Thank you Nancy Zorena, curator of the Monroe Historical Society, for sharing the memories and many faces of school days in the past.

Thank you to the Senior Center for the comfort of your auditorium and the tasty treats.